On the Road.

Sheffield, UK.

NINE56 Ltd achieved its first major goal today when the first tractor unit on our fleet was collected from Northside Truck and Van at Doncaster. The tractor unit is a Mercedes-Benz Actros BigSpace 2551 and has been previously owned.

The vehicle was immediately put to work supporting our clients Davies Haulage (Bawtry) and MA & HV Medler Haulage Ltd, hauling a load of brand new scaffold boards to Ipswich from Selby in Yorkshire.

The vehicle will be driven by our owner and director Nicholas Smith who is delighted with the specification and performance of the new truck.

“I’m thrilled with the unit. Of course as a used truck we’ve had a few niggles but its reliable, efficient and spacious,’ Nicholas said. With his directors hat on he added, ‘The dealer support offered by Northside Truck and Van combined with the reliability and high standard specification of the Actros were key deciding factors in which vehicle we hit the road with. Of course a Mercedes is slightly more expensive but the build quality and brand perception of Mercedes are hard to beat.’

The tractor unit will be assigned to service our clients at MV & HA Medler Haulage Ltd on an initial 9 month term.

We also need to mention our sign writers, Re:Start Signs and Graphics at Doncaster who worked hard to provide a stunning looking vehicle. To Karl and Bryony we offer our thanks and the strongest possible recommendation. Nicholas added, ‘To Karl and Bryony I have to say a heartfelt thank you. The professional service provided, their endless patience as we waited for operator licensing to do their bit and their flexability as plans were changing even as the stickers were going on the truck are examples to the industry. Special thanks have to go as Karl was fitting the stickers to the vehicle on the Sunday before it hit the road!’