Services: External Transport Manager

NINE56 Ltd is delighted to offer a new service to prospective clients. From our new offices at Hawke Street in Sheffield, we can now offer a cost effective and highly efficient external transport manager solution for your haulage business.

Standard National and Standard International O-License holders are obligated to employ a Professionally Competent Person to manage their transport fleet. The only way to prove that competency is to hold a Transport Manager Certificate of Professional Competence. Additionally, transport managers have to have repute, basically no reason for the Traffic Commissioner to doubt their willingness or ability to operate in a compliant fashion.

Restricted Operators License holders are not required to employ a CPC holder as standard but my be required to if the Traffic Commissioner wants more assurance that the undertaking is going to operate compliantly. Many restricted operators decide to retain the consultancy of an experienced and professionally competent person as they are still required to follow all the same regulations as a standard license holder. Of course if the Office of the Traffic Commissioner requires a restricted undertaking to employ a competent person, its usually due to issues with the running of the license so getting a good transport manager to come in and help is vital if you are going to avoid a curtailment or revocation of the license.

The CPC holder doesn’t need to be a full time employee however and this is where we come in. A transport manager can be responsible for up to fifty vehicles and up to four separate undertakings. Our transport manager currently manages two vehicles and a single undertaking. That means that we can apply our tried and tested procedures, management and CPC holder to your business.

We don’t do overly complex so our offering is simple with bands based on your undertaking’s Operator Compliance Risk Score or OCRS. Click on the links below to find out more.

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