Services: External Transport Manager – Restricted TC Mandated

If the traffic commissioner has told a restricted operator to appoint a professionally competent person to oversee their transport, its a sign that something has gone wrong. Our first step is to come into your business and conduct a through review of your transport department, looking at whats working, what isn’t, and how we can go about fixing the issues. Its not about blame, its about achieving a great standard of operation.

Once we’ve completed our assessment, we will arrange a meeting, either at our offices or yours, to discuss the issues we’ve found and make recommendations to fix the issues. From then on its all about Target Green, our OCRS improvement programme because all the steps for a Green OCRS are the same steps we will need to get you from non-compliance to a gold standard operator.

With regards to maintenance, Restricted operators tend to have longer intervals between PMIs. Its because they often spend half their time running empty so there is less strain on their equipment. Longer intervals can be a problem though as little defects that creep in during week 3 of a maintenance cycle can be full blown crisis issues by the time the truck finally gets to the dealer. We can help you install and enforce a rigorous but low cost defect checking system. We can train your drivers on the right way to do their walk around checks. We take on full responsibility for planning and monitoring your PMI and annual testing programme, handling the interface between planning department and workshop to ensure maximum pass rate with minimum disruption.

For own account carriers, drivers hours are the most likely point of failure when it comes to operators license compliance. It doesn’t matter if you are on EU regulations or the domestic hours regulations which are more common among restricted operators, drivers hours and Working Time Directive regulations need to be monitored and policed in your undertaking. We will take that off your hands, installing a tacho or log book checking, analysis and reporting system which gives you all the information you need but takes the stress out of your hands. We will train and support your staff in the best ways to achieve compliance in this difficult to understand area.

Whilst we can do much of our job from our offices, some jobs require an on-site presence. We will make regular scheduled visits to your site, along with the occasional surprise inspection to monitor performance, answer questions, provide advice and do all we can to boost your OCRS score towards the green; Its all part of our Target Green programme and each visit will come with a full report to your management team of the results and responses.

OCRS Management is vital to achieving green standard and it comes from a proactive maintenance and defect reporting system, careful review of all reported defect and management of planned maintenance reporting. Its all about spotting a problem starting before it becomes an actionable issue. We work with you and your chosen maintenance providers to ensure that your first time MOT pass rate is as high as possible and that roadside encounters with the DVSA are trouble free.

The government loves records, paper upon paper to prove everything has been done. Record keeping is therefore vitally important to maintaining your green OCRS standard. We maintain a full backup of your maintenance and tachograph records in our offices in Sheffield meaning that the DVSA can come to us for inspections rather than to you, and also that in the event that your records are lost or damaged, we can provide a copy so you never don’t have the bit of paper that the DVSA need.

We can also arrange a scan and cloud store service so that you can access your records from any internet enabled device at any time. Cloud storage is provided by selected services and all have the guarantee of multiple site servers meaning if one goes down, your data is available from other sites in the company. 0% downtime and 100% safe. Data security is also important so we carefully select our cloud storage partners based on uptime guarantees and the strength of their cyber defenses.


£325 + VAT

Maintenance Planning and Management

Defect Management

Tachograph Analysis and Reporting

Monthly Site Vists and Vehicle Audits

On Call Advice 7 Days a Week

Consumables Ordering and Supply*

Target Green OCRS Management