Services: External Transport Manger – Green Operators

As an operator with a green OCRS score you will already have strong procedures in place for managing compliance within your transport undertaking. NINE56 Ltd will therefore work within your existing structures to promote a continued environment of compliant operations.

We will handle your maintenance planning, liaising between yourselves and your maintenance provider to arrange planned maintenance and defect repair with minimum impact to your business. We can also either use your own defect reporting system or use paper or app based systems to improve upon daily walk around checks to ensure proper compliance continues within your company. All changes are of course in complete consultation with your management team at all times.

Tachograph downloading and analysis is a vitally important part of remaining compliant and its possible to hold a green OCRS and not have any procedure in place! We will come into your business and work consultatively with you to ensure the most hassle free tacho management system is in place. We can advise on hardware and software to suit your budget then take over all reporting requirements and handle infringements, driver counseling and retraining as necessary. Along with day to day tacho compliance we also manage driver licensing checks, tacho expiry, DQC expiry and make recommendations on JAUPT approved Driver CPC modules to make best use of the 7 hours a year requirement to further your business goals.

As a compliant operator you won’t need us to be visiting your site every week to manage your staff in their roles. Much of what we do can be done remotely from our offices. We will still need to visit your operating centers on occasion to check on the quality of daily defect reporting systems and the like. These visits will be conducted regularly in consultation with management on site and we aim to be as low impact as possible.

OCRS Management is vital to maintaining your green standard and it comes from a proactive maintenance and defect reporting system, careful review of all reported defect and management of planned maintenance reporting. Its all about spotting a problem starting before it becomes an actionable issue. We work with you and your chosen maintenance providers to ensure that your first time MOT pass rate is as high as possible and that roadside encounters with the DVSA are trouble free. Its fairly easy to get a green OCRS score, we are never complacent about maintaining it for you.

The government loves records, paper upon paper to prove everything has been done. Record keeping is therefore vitally important to maintaining your green OCRS standard. We maintain a full backup of your maintenance and tachograph records in our offices in Sheffield meaning that the DVSA can come to us for inspections rather than to you, and also that in the event that your records are lost or damaged, we can provide a copy so you never don’t have the bit of paper that the DVSA need.

We can also arrange a scan and cloud store service so that you can access your records from any internet enabled device at any time. Cloud storage is provided by selected services and all have the guarantee of multiple site servers meaning if one goes down, your data is available from other sites in the company. 0% downtime and 100% safe. Data security is also important so we carefully select our cloud storage partners based on uptime guarantees and the strength of their cyber defenses.


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Maintenance Planning and Management

Defect Management

Tachograph Analysis and Reporting

Regular Site Visits

On Call Advice 7 Days a Week

Consumables Ordering and Supply*

OCRS Management