NINE56 Goes for Scania as Tractor of First Choice

A new generation Scania R450 tractor unit at a Scania Dealer.

Fleet replacement and expansion to come in the form of Scania tractor units and rigid vehicles with our first Scania arriving this week.

20/02/2019 – 16:30 – Sheffield, UK

NINE56 Ltd has selected Scania (GB) as our new supplier of tractor units for fleet expansion and replacement going forward. The decision to change suppliers of vehicles comes after careful review of standards and consultation with our drivers. Continue reading “NINE56 Goes for Scania as Tractor of First Choice”

NINE56 Withdraws from Same Day Courier Market

NINE56 Ltd will no longer participate in the Same Day courier market.

NINE56 Ltd has taken the decision to withdraw from the Same Day courier market with immediate effect.

31/01/2019 – Sheffield

Sheffield based Haulage Contractor NINE56 Ltd today announce that, with immediate effect, they are withdrawing from the same day courier market. The move comes after a difficult festive season with margins being continually squeezed by competition and rising fuel prices. Continue reading “NINE56 Withdraws from Same Day Courier Market”

NINE56 Goes for Growth

Sheffield: 05/06/2018 0800 GMT.

NINE56 Ltd has completed its first year of operation as a haulier and celebrated the milestone by quadrupling its fleet size. The bold move sees a second articulated lorry and two vans join ‘Angel’ as the backbone of our business and five new staff members join the company as we push into new markets and continue to offer great service and support to our clients. We have also launched a new brand, Sheffield Same Day with a new domain of Continue reading “NINE56 Goes for Growth”

NINE56 Ltd Welcome New Trucks and Trailers

Sheffield, UK.

The past month has seen the conclusion of an exhaustive procurement programme which has resulted in the arrival of NINE56 Ltd’s first new tractor unit. Additionally, due to changes in working patterns the company has now acquired a curtain sided semi-trailer bringing full responsibility for safe and efficient operation in house.

The new tractor unit replaces our previous Mercedes-Benz Actros and as such will continue to carry the name ‘Angel’. The 2017/67 registered Renault Trucks Range T 460 DXi 6×2 tractor unit balances power and efficiency to deliver Euro 6 emissions standards. Additional specification includes beacons, strobes and event recording cameras to help avoid collisions and maximise road safety. Inside the vehicle the ultimate bunk package is complemented by a fridge and powerful inverter for driver comfort.

The truck has been supplied on a 5 year lease with full maintenance by Thompson Commercials and will be looked after by the Sheffield depot.

The vehicle is driven by Nicholas, our director who said, “It was a really hard call picking which vehicle would form the core of our fleet. Dealer service is important to us which knocked out a couple of the options but then it was down to very hard to quantify criteria. How do you put a monetary value on the comfort of the bunk?

“In the end the decision was made easy by Thompson Commercials who offered a well put together truck at a very competitive price and with service which few can match. Nothing is too much trouble for the guys which is why we’ve appointed them to look after our trailers too. I have to mention Scania though, for whom the same can be said but couldn’t match the competitive financial package and range of options available with Thompsons and Premium Leasing.”

As part of the companies planned growth, the acquisition of a trailer was high on our list of priorities too and with the help of ATE Truck and Trailer Sales at Wolverhampton we picked up our first trailer in mid-November. The previously owned curtain side semi-trailer was supplied with new sheets for a clean and professional look.

Its 4.229 meter overall running height has been carefully calculated to offer best carrying capacity whilst minimising increased drag and fuel consumption. The SDC chassis is the choice of most major hauliers while the Lawrence David pillarless curtain sided body has been chosen to simplify loading and unloading for the drivers. Its bolted construction has the added bonus of making it easily converted to a flat bed trailer when it has reached the end of its serviceable life as a curtain side.

Nick added, “Trailers are a vital but very expensive part of running a road transport operation and picking the right trailer is a difficult task. I opted to go for a previously owned semi-trailer because of its lower cost, both in terms of capital and in terms of the environment. CS001 has a lot of life left in it, despite it being off-hired by a large and respected Yorkshire haulier. As you would expect with any 10 year old trailer it has its niggles but once those are sorted we have a trailer which can serve us for another ten years.”

Thompson Commercials will also take care of maintaining and repairing the new trailer as necessary.

Burkett Quicksign were appointed to manage the livery application for both the new unit and the trailer. Further photographs of the striking new look will be available soon.

On the Road.

Sheffield, UK.

NINE56 Ltd achieved its first major goal today when the first tractor unit on our fleet was collected from Northside Truck and Van at Doncaster. The tractor unit is a Mercedes-Benz Actros BigSpace 2551 and has been previously owned.

The vehicle was immediately put to work supporting our clients Davies Haulage (Bawtry) and MA & HV Medler Haulage Ltd, hauling a load of brand new scaffold boards to Ipswich from Selby in Yorkshire.

The vehicle will be driven by our owner and director Nicholas Smith who is delighted with the specification and performance of the new truck.

“I’m thrilled with the unit. Of course as a used truck we’ve had a few niggles but its reliable, efficient and spacious,’ Nicholas said. With his directors hat on he added, ‘The dealer support offered by Northside Truck and Van combined with the reliability and high standard specification of the Actros were key deciding factors in which vehicle we hit the road with. Of course a Mercedes is slightly more expensive but the build quality and brand perception of Mercedes are hard to beat.’

The tractor unit will be assigned to service our clients at MV & HA Medler Haulage Ltd on an initial 9 month term.

We also need to mention our sign writers, Re:Start Signs and Graphics at Doncaster who worked hard to provide a stunning looking vehicle. To Karl and Bryony we offer our thanks and the strongest possible recommendation. Nicholas added, ‘To Karl and Bryony I have to say a heartfelt thank you. The professional service provided, their endless patience as we waited for operator licensing to do their bit and their flexability as plans were changing even as the stickers were going on the truck are examples to the industry. Special thanks have to go as Karl was fitting the stickers to the vehicle on the Sunday before it hit the road!’