Our Vehicles: C.Llewelyn

June 2018 saw massive fleet expansion as the number of vehicles we operated quadrupled. Joining the heavy side of the business, Gentleman Jack took on the fleet number TU002 but trucks wasn’t our only growth area. On the same day, two panel vans hit the road and PV003 was christened C. Llewelyn before being put to work on the Same Day Express service.

Environmental responsibility is very important to us so we opted to breathe further life into a slightly older vehicle. Thus we ordered two Vauxhall Movano L3H2 Euro 5 panel vans. Unfortunately with the late application and poor  uptake of Euro 6 vans, were weren’t able to source vehicles built to this environmental standard but our light fleet is still Low Emission Zone compatible and should be on the road to renewal when the Ultra Low Emission Zone comes into force. It’s very important to NINE56 Ltd that we do our part to preserve the environment.

The first Movano to hit the road is named C. Llewelyn in honor of our owner’s paternal grandfather, Clifford Llewelyn Smith. Grandad Smith died over a decade ago, (Nick was still working at McDonald’s, his first job) so of course memorialising him in vehicle form wasn’t possible at the time but just before the vans arrived, already with motorsport names planned, another family bereavement made it the ideal time to honor the man lovingly known as ‘Bodgit’.

When the Same Day courier service was terminated in January 2019 C.Llewelyn was re-purposed into a fleet support unit and now carries the tools and equipment required to repair defects with our larger vehicles.