Our Vehicles: Gentleman Jack

Our second tractor unit arrived on the 1st anniversary of Angel’s first job. Unfortunately due to very high demand for Renault’s long range tractor, we had to start out for the first two weeks with a Renault Premium tractor unit before BRS Leasing supplied the long term addition to our fleet.

‘Gentleman Jack’ is almost identical to Angel. The same focus on driver comfort has equipped the truck with the ultimate top bunk, adding storage. The same home away from home ethos saw the fitment of a large inverter so our drivers can power almost any device they can fit through the doors.

Our focus on environmental responsibility was also a driving factor in the choice of actual vehicle. Rather than going brand new this time, we have opted to take a pre-owned tractor unit, well maintained by the leasing company, which reduces the carbon cost of adding to the fleet. Our standards haven’t slipped though, Jack is still a Euro 6 tractor which means that NINE56 Ltd is one of very few small hauliers who can claim that all their trucks are ULEZ compliant.

The name Gentleman Jack isn’t for the reason most people assume, though the fact that the Tennessee tipple is Angel’s husband’s favorite drink caused some hilarity when the name was revealed. Instead we have chosen to honor the late Jack Sears, the first ever British Saloon Car Championship title winner. We hope that further vehicles in the fleet will follow this pattern going forward, honoring the legends of our founder’s favorite sport.

Gentleman Jack has gone straight to work on contracts as diverse as shop fitting and bricks to biscuits and bedding and will soon be seen pulling a specially ordered tail lift equipped trailer so we can better support our friends and colleagues at SMW Forwarding. Give us a flash and a wave if you see us on the road and send any snaps to @NINE56Ltd on twitter.


** Due to the busy time at which Gentleman Jack has joined the fleet, we’ve been unable to stand the truck for long enough to snap a decent photograph. As soon as he stops for long enough to be cleaned and posed, a proper photo will be added but until then, we have had to use our favorite Angel shot to illustrate this article. **