Our Vehicles: Gentleman Jack

Our second tractor unit arrived on the 1st anniversary of Angel’s first job. Gentleman Jack was initially a BRS supplied Renault Trucks Range T but before the year was out, our reviews of maintenance records forced the early return of the truck.

Gentleman Jack #2 has arrived in the form of a 2018/68 Scania R450 ‘Normal’ Sleeper Cab 6×2 tractor unit. Supplied on a 1 year rental deal by Scania Rental from the Sheffield dealer point, the vehicle will be with us for a year while our ideal truck is built at the Scania factory in Sweden.

Gentleman Jack is a significantly more expensive vehicle than the Renault it replaces. Particularly when it comes to replacement body parts. Its a price you pay when you go for a high quality tractor unit. With that in mind our two most experienced drivers have been re-deployed from ‘Angel‘ to drive the new arrival while our newly qualified crew in the old Gentleman Jack gain additional experience at the wheel of the model of truck with which they have become familiar.

The Scania will be deployed looking after one of our major clients, Quality Freight Services and can regularly be seen around Heathrow Airport as we support these partners with their contracts in Air Freight.

The name of the truck, Gentleman Jack, does not spring from the Tennessee spirit but from our Managing Director’s love of motorsport. The Jack in question here is Jack Sears, the first ever British Saloon Car champion, (the forerunner to the BTCC) who passed away in 2016. Following the pattern we have established with the change from Mercedes-Benz to Renault for Angel, the name is kept perpetually in service with the new truck taking the name of the vehicle it replaces.