Our Vehicles: Peter C.

PV004 is the second van and fourth vehicle on our fleet. Named Peter C. in honor of our owner’s maternal grandfather who passed away a little over 2 months before the vehicle arrived, it joins C. Llewelyn on our Same Day Express fleet.

Peter C is almost identical to C. Llewelyn in every way. Six months older, the van has actually covered fewer miles and after a couple of teething problems, we expect the Vauxhal Movano L3H2 to provide several years of great service to our out of London delivery offerings, though Euro 5 emissions standards will make inner London difficult from next year.

As a result, Peter C is the only vehicle not planned for replacement in the standard 3-5 year cycle. Instead, once the van’s hard working life is over, we plan to convert it to a mobile office and sleeper to support our sister brand The Image Team’s motorsport business. Just like the man for whom the van is named, Peter C will work hard, turn its hand to many things and have a long life with NINE56 Ltd before hopefully, a long and enjoyable retirement.