NINE56 Goes for Scania as Tractor of First Choice

A new generation Scania R450 tractor unit at a Scania Dealer.

Fleet replacement and expansion to come in the form of Scania tractor units and rigid vehicles with our first Scania arriving this week.

20/02/2019 – 16:30 – Sheffield, UK

NINE56 Ltd has selected Scania (GB) as our new supplier of tractor units for fleet expansion and replacement going forward. The decision to change suppliers of vehicles comes after careful review of standards and consultation with our drivers. Continue reading “NINE56 Goes for Scania as Tractor of First Choice”

NINE56 Withdraws from Same Day Courier Market

NINE56 Ltd will no longer participate in the Same Day courier market.

NINE56 Ltd has taken the decision to withdraw from the Same Day courier market with immediate effect.

31/01/2019 – Sheffield

Sheffield based Haulage Contractor NINE56 Ltd today announce that, with immediate effect, they are withdrawing from the same day courier market. The move comes after a difficult festive season with margins being continually squeezed by competition and rising fuel prices. Continue reading “NINE56 Withdraws from Same Day Courier Market”